Best Kickboxing School in Augusta, GA

Kickboxing Augusta, GA

Kickboxing Augusta, GA-Sends 2 to Compete in World Kickboxing Championships in Antalya Turkey-Wins Silver Medal

Greubel’s MMA in Augusta, GA is easily considered one of the strongest kickboxing camps in the United States. It is home to some of the finest kickboxers in the United States as well as the WAKO USA head kickboxing coach, Mark Greubel. This year Greubel’s MMA was honored to be a part of the U.S. team and took 2 kickboxers to Antalya, Turkey to compete in this years WAKO full contact rules, World championships! 7 time IKF World Classic Champion Nathan Key is one of them, as well as Nathan’s team mate, Lakesha Springle. Nathan is  the FIRST PERSON EVER to win the IKF tournament 7 times, and the first person to ever win it 6 times was John Greubel, a former co-owner of Greubel’s MMA who had separated himself from the company over six years ago. Nathan is also the FIRST PERSON EVER to win the IKF triple crown (champion in ALL 3 rule styles-Lowkick-Full Contact-Muay Thai) Current owner, Mark Greubel is the head coach of the WAKO USA kickboxing team and has a slew of other champion fighters that train at Greubel’s MMA on a regular basis and call the Augusta gym home. At 43 years of age Stevie Dement, Key’s team mate and captain of the WAKO USA lowkick/K-1 team that fought in Brazil this year, is another example of the pedigree of athlete Greubel’s MMA’s successful kickboxing program has produced. In 2011, Stevie fought in Dublin, Ireland and won a BRONZE medal just a couple of weeks shy of his 42nd birthday. Unlike other big city gyms that get quality kickboxers from all over the world that come to train and find opportunity by being promoted by a big time gym, Greubel’s gym actually takes fighters that and mold them from start to finish and produce champion fighters with consistent regularity. This year Nathan Key had an incredible run this week at the 2013 WAKO World Kickboxing Championships in Antalya, Turkey, but lost a close decision today in the Gold Medal match against France’s Edouard Bernadou. We are so proud of this very talented fighter and the way he represents Team USA.  If you would like to see his final match just go to this link. Afterwards, tell us what you think of the judges decision.

Kickboxing Augusta, GA has a strong competitor in KEY


Nathan Key wins SILVER!

Nathan is bringing home WAKO USA Kickboxing’s first silver medal at a World Championship Tournament in 8 years. Congratulations Nathan Key! Everyone that is interested in Kickboxing Augusta, GA should immediately call Greubel’s MMA and experience first hand the world class instruction they offer!


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